Health Write For Us Guest Post Submission are now accepted on the #1 Health blog

We are open for submission of Health Write for us. First of all, Thank you for expressing your interest in contributing to our blog. Even we are also looking for creative writers who can bring high-quality content on this website.

To quickly grabbing your guest posting opportunity, you can email here: [email protected]

With write for us, we let the writers from a different platform to discuss various topics and share their new innovative information with our readers.

As a writer, you also have the opportunity to expose your content to millions of monthly readers around the world via this Health Write for us, opportunity.

Besides, we help every writer to gain fame through our social networks. You can also get SEO benefits on your blog.
However, we do not allow anyone else to visit our website or make a donation. We receive a lot of requests for publication for Health Guest post every day.

Therefore, if you wish to publish your content, we recommend that you strictly follow the specific guidelines before you press the Submit button.

If you do not follow our guidelines, your content will not be accepted.

Who Can Write for Our Health & Wellness Blog?

As you can see, our blog covers topics related to Health. The possibility of publishing a guest post is for anyone who are writing on the same niche. However, if you are a new writer, we will always consider your contribution. Make sure you follow the guidelines.

Also, we would like to mention that we will not pay for your donation. In addition, we do not even take guest positions from our competitors.
We would like to mention that we no longer pay for guest articles content or receive blog articles from our competitors.

Why Should You Write For Us?

We are one of the most popular blogs in the Health blogging industry. Our main goal is to provide our readers with great information through blogs optimized for SEO.

So we can reach many online visitors.

Our website is visited by thousands of monthly visitors from around the world. Therefore, our goal is to provide our readers with unique and informative content.

We spend most of time and effort to ensure that all content on our website is well documented and contains the information that our visitors are looking for.

Also, as you already know, Guest Post is a great opportunity to expand your audience and promote your work over an online forum.

It helps to improve the SEO of your website with increasing numbers of backlinks. If you really want to gain the visitors organically. Our websites’s guest posting will help you to gain backlinks for your website.

Also, it does not matter whether you are a small blogger or a big business wants to take your business to the next level. Publishing to guests is one of the best ways to do this.

Moreover, taking the time to create good quality content will not only help us but will also help your website.
However, to help you better understand this, I must share some of the benefits of posting to guests.

Quality Traffic and Instant Exposure to a Targeted Audience in Health Niche

Traffic is one of the most essential for online businesses. If the traffic stops, it will be difficult for the business to survive.

So, it’s important to get regular traffic to your blog. Guest posting can help you a lot by driving a lot of traffic to your website or business.

However, to increase traffic to your website, it is important to create high-quality content. If the content is great, it will automatically start bringing traffic to your blog.

Plus, you get quality traffic. Also, it helps you reach your target audience.

Improve Search Result Rankings and Domain Authority for Your Health Blog

Another great benefit of posting as a guest is that it helps to increase the power of the search engine for your domain name.

Even a single backlink from a popular blog can help you rank on top with other SEO benefits. Even then, the benefits aren’t limited to the page you’re linking to, but to the entire website. As website rank may increase due to the higher number of backlinks

Additionally, your content helps you to connect with search engines, so it will index faster. Additionally, you can use guest posting to increase your search engine ranking.

Build Your Online Influence and Helps You to Expand Your Personal Network in the Health Niche

With a guest blog, you will find some of the most popular bloggers in your niche.
When you have an author’s profile and people start to write your name and content well on your websites, they will start to know and respect you.
In addition, it helps your audience and other website brand owners know that you are one of the most popular brands. As a result, you will be exposed to many opportunities.

It Helps You to Boost Your Social Media Follower

In addition to driving traffic to your website, it also helps you gain followers and customers based on traffic brought by your article.
If readers visit that specific article then there are possibilities of visiting those readers to your social media platforms with a guest post They are more likely to follow you on your social media platforms.
Even if 10% of people know you on their blog, this is a great opportunity to build a small fan base or you can say portfolio on our website.

Types of Article Accepted for Health Write For Us Submission

We only accept unique content that is not published elsewhere.
Kindly, make sure you don’t send us articles that have copied content from different websites. We go through plagiarism checks for every article we receive.

If you do, your content will be rejected. So make sure you send us at least 90% unique items to qualify for guest posting.

Also, content such as a press release or product comparison article is not entertained here. In addition to both of these, you can cover a variety of topics for our website.

Additionally, Kindly first pitch for the guest post first. You already know that pitching an idea will help you to save your time. Because helps us to understand your idea or niche. You can forward your guest post-draft to us.

This will speed up the process and save time for both of us. We can quickly decide whether or not to post your content on our blog.

Topic Suggested topics for Guest Post

We spend a lot of time creating quality content. Therefore, we will publish it on our website.
Additionally, we allow you to cover a wide variety of topics for your guest posting opportunity. However, here are some suggestions from us:

  • Health and care ideas
  • Product review and comparison
  • Fitness and Workout Routines
  • Training Strategies
  • Weight Loss
  • Home remedies and Skin Enhancements

These are just a few of the suggestions from our side and how you can apply them to your guest posts. You can suggest your own ideas by pitching it to us. We only accept articles that meet our niche criteria. We believe in delivering content that is Health-related only.

Besides, we recommend you go through articles on our website. It provides clear information about the type of content we publish or accept.

 Guest Post Guidelines

All invited articles should focus only on relevant topics that fall within the same niche. We do not publish content on issues other than Health. Additionally, the main purpose of a guest article should be to provide information to the public. Do not promote yourself or your product.

The length of the article should be about 800+ and you are free to write up to 2000 words. The item should be well documented and of particular value to our visitors.

Your subject should be well covered. Also, if you are taking a particular part of a website, you should mention its source.

Articles and videos are important for any article. It helps to grab the attention of the users. Therefore, you must provide at least one relevant image along with your website and your content.

You can send us the original image you copied, or you can refer to the source of the originally published image.

Also, when you talk about images, we don’t expect you to infringe on a copyright issue. Additionally, when a product review occurs, the site only includes images taken on the site.

In addition to links, we allow multiple links to follow the same link. Keep in mind, however, that we are not affiliated with our competitors. You can provide a link to your website or sales page.

Additionally, some metadata, such as meta descriptions, should be included and focus on keywords to make the content more SEO friendly.

Finally, the article should end. At the end of the article, you should include a summary of your article to support your argument. You can refer to your opinion and other facts.

Health Write for us Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Acceptable Formats: We accept all kinds of formats, where it’s easy to copy content and paste it into the site editor on our website. You can send us a Word document, PowerPoint presentation, Google Doc, Dropbox paper and more. Make sure your file is not secure. So we can easily copy it.
Point of Submission: You can submit it via email or on our website. Often, however, our means of communication is email. So you can send the article as an attachment or Google Docs link.
Post Formats: Your content should contain all the titles and links that can save us a lot of time while editing the publication. Similarly, you should use lists, bullets, and other formats to make content easier to read. Additionally, you can embed links, or add them to comments, or square brackets as soon as the text is linked. Title and sub-sharing are important and help the user to scan content easily.
Content Edit: Of course you need to know that we have the right to edit your article. Normally, we modify your articles for spelling errors, grammar errors, and formats. Additionally, in some cases, we may modify your titles or body if we deem them inappropriate or inappropriate for our audience.
Self Promotion: You are also allowed to submit an author biography, including an introduction to your guest message, a link to your website, a social media profile and the services you provide.

How to Submit Health Write For Us Article?

First, you can start the conversation by just pitching about guest post and then you after the conversation you can deliver the content that has to be posted on our website. Also, you can send content with your pitch via email that is provided.

If your content meets the guidelines that are discussed here, then there are possibilities of publishing your content on our website. We will provide you the publishing dates.

Once the article is posted you can ask for the URL. Based on availability you will receive a reply from our side.

To quickly collect your guest posting opportunity, you can email here: [email protected]

Final Words

So that was for our guest posting guidelines. You should also know that we cannot accept your guest’s location. Because we get so many requests to publish guests a day.

We try to publish several guest articles per day, depending on the number of requests for guest articles, but there may be delays in publishing your article.

However, it takes an average of 3 days to review your content. Also, we revert and notify editors if the article is accepted for submission. We notify the author via e-mail.

Besides, we do not accept any kind of Health write for us article. So what are you waiting for? Join us today! Happy blogging!

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